Gone but not forgotten...

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The story of "15"

Backroad Aithusia

My firstborn puppy,
the girl of my dreams
with hope and aspirations,
or so it seems...

I brought you up
and watched you grow
with love and kindness
to make you so...

To watch you grow
and see you play
brought smiles of happiness
each and every day

A life so short
that touched so many
a wonderful soul,
that didn't hurt any

No more kisses or
or barrohoos of joy
to be welcomed home,
or to throw a toy
The house is empty
the void is great
why did you
have to meet this fate...

A careless act,
a random peril
has left my heart broken,
and feeling sterile

The ache is constant,
the pain unreal
I blame myself,
will I ever heal...

The house is empty,
I miss you so
why did you have to go

If tears could build a stairway,
I would follow you to heaven
the doorway crossed...
it only took seven

Nov 9,2010 - Oct 11, 2011

Seven seconds,
that seemed eternal to cross
the rainbow bridge
I grieve your loss

Our great expectations,
your limitless potential
all stolen away,
so inconsequential

I mourn your loss
your golden glow
Heaven sent
I must let you go...

good-bye my sweet "15"
your journey now,
alone unseen

Gone but not forgotten... "15"