more about Jenna and Zyx...

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All my dogs are house dogs, they are not kenneled...
In one week she was housebroken, and knew her basic commands sit, down, stay and uppy puppy (which means come up into bed with me). She has been a great companion to me and a wonderful dog with my children.. Because of the positive experience with Jenna, in 2007 we decided to expand our golden family. My brother was looking for a home for one of his male golden retrievers,,so we openned our door and hearts to ZYX (pronounced Zikes) now we had two!!
In 2004 Jenna entered my life, and it instilled my love for the the Golden Retriever breed. She was a rescue and it was love at first sight, for both of us. Jenna was a mature dog when I got her, a kennel dog and not house broken...actually she had no training whatsoever. I had never owned such an easy going, smart and willing to please dog .

They are much loved members of our family and go everywhere with us...on nature hikes, to the beach and on vacation. We love to see them play fetch, swim and play in the water. During one of our beach adventures, Jenna even learned how to dig for bar clams....she thinks they are delicious! What a smart girl.