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While Jenna and Zyx introduced me to the world of Golden Retrieves, Riia has introduced me to the world of dog showing. Twenty five years of breeding, training and showing horses has taught me the value of sound confirmation even temperment and superior work ethic. These traits are just as important to me in my working dogs. Without proper structure, you can not have proper function...and an unsound temperment is problamatic at best.
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the Backroad Family dogs
the Backroad Family dogs
In 2011 we built our kennel run, a safe and secure outdoor "doggie area" and added our fenced yard in 2012. We needed a safe area for the dogs to run and play and a secure spot for training.

At Backroad Farm we strive to produce the best possible companion for your family. Good natured dogs that are willing to please, correctly structured and sound. Our dogs are happy, loyal companions, for years of family fun.