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Backroad Farm was named for the highway bordering the property. Although it is situated on the Trans Canada Highway, when the farm was originally surveyed, the Old Georgetown Road was the main road and the Trans Canada Hwy was the BACKROAD to Charlottetown. Searching for a farmstead close to town, I discovered this property in was then an abandoned and derelict farmstead. Ten years of neglect had left the house in a sorry state. The house was caving into its sandstone basement, the chimney was partially collapsed, windows and doors were smashed plumbing, no heat, no well, no electricity, and a questionable septic system. Most thought I was crazy to want to purchase this property...but I knew it was the property of my dreams for I had a vision.

It took many years of hard work to get the house and pastures back into a reasonable state...and then many more for the trees to mature...but I do believe my hard work was well spent.

I saved any mature trees on the property, hired arborists to rejuvenate the heritage apple orchard, planted diversified windbreaks between the pastures for wildlife habitat, re-fenced the pastures, reworked the land, and rebuilt the house. I added a natural pond with waterfall and fire-pit, and acres of perennial flower beds to complete my vision.....

Come with me and take a stroll around the grounds....
The History of an 1815 Homestead